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Driven by innovation.
Backed by powerful scientific achievement.

Rudder group in collaboration with top universities and research institutions in Australia to focus on the Research & Design, production and application of artificial intelligence, medical devices and interactive chips. Some achievements have been made in artificial intelligence, data cloud processing and medical and nursing data monitoring.


Artificial intelligence

Jointly with the excellent International and Australian university teams, led by the chief AI scientists


Data monitoring

Combined with advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence technology, it is applied to research and development of scientific and technological products


Practical application

Application of data interaction processing and real-time data analysis in elderly care, sensor interaction, etc


In the part of artificial intelligence, we have cooperated with the most cutting-edge scientists in Australia to conduct a lot of tests and practices for data monitoring and data processing. In the light of high accuracy and good interaction.


Medical application is one of the main carriers of our R & D direction. The elderly care includes a series of data processing and real-time monitoring, such as non-contact heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, fall warning, etc. Sensor interaction is combined with data analysis of artificial intelligence for dynamic behaviour analysis and cloud data computing, to achieve behaviour prediction and physiological index real-time monitoring.


Partnership with us

Rudder Group was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2010 and has operated across Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Rudder Group is committed to a variety of businesses including real estate development, project management,construction contracting, financial investment, and has rich local development and construction experiences in the local market. The mature area of Sydney has given priority to establishing its own brand.

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